If a picture says a thousand words, then a video says a million. Video content is proven to have more engagement, with users viewing video content for far longer than text narratives.


Communicate Your Brand's Message With Video

High Definition and 4k film production

At Trades our media talent consists of Aerial videography drone operators, Audio technicians, Motion Graphics Specialists and production crew members ready to take on any project. Over the last year we have collaborated with multiple Industies in California and have been involved with the Auto Industry, Real Estate, Technology Companies, App Development Businesses, City Goverment, Action Sports and Outdoors product companies. We have been blessed and look forward to the road ahead. Let Trades become your premier video production company.     

Aerial videography

Motion graphics

For years, shooting commercials required budgets in the hundreds of thousands. With today’s technology, the equipment and software is far more affordable. This puts commercial production within the reach of almost any budget.




Product reels 

explainer video